Amusing ROMhacking Glitches Thread

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Undocumented fadeout event codes = Clair drops acid at Electric Daisy


Best played to this song.


Clair breaks the fourth wall and as such
destabilises the very fabric of reality


this could low key be useful if you need an effect like that


I forgot to mention it’s an infinite loop haha


Haven’t posted here in a long time, have some stuff:


I forgot to adjust the burst window when adding the equipped item preview.


I forgot to check if the target is visible for the talk display.


I was lazy and used the item’s index instead of getting its icon index. I think the Forseti tome is the only one where it’s they don’t match, but I don’t remember.


The map sprite is blue here to highlight an issue with vanilla FE5: Leif has a transparent pixel in the middle of his map sprite.



I was always interested in the possibility of Skill Scrolls/Manuals in the Skill System. Nice to see it being done, even if it is a glitchy beginning.


RRRAAAAHHHHR intensifies



messing with battle buffer


-put in I’ll face myself from Persona 4-



Your game is becoming sentient. Put it down before it starts a radical blog.


what are you talking about Avenir has always been sentient.


What if it’s the ROM Hacking website that’s glitching?