Am I allowed to use this battle animation?

I posted on Serenes Forest about this, and I was told that the maker of The Last Promise would be here. I would really like to know if it was okay if I used the Emperor battle animation.

I found it on an old site a very long time ago and just realized today that it was from TLP. I never played the Finale chapters, but my brother did and I didn’t realize that it was from that game. I noticed that the battle animation I want to use wasn’t on Serenes Forest animation thread so I was a little frightened about using it. I don’t want to use it and steal someone else’s work without permission. But I would like to use it.

Let me know, please and thanks.

Blazer doesn’t even have an account here, I don’t know who told you this lie.
Try going to his site, feshrine?

Uh, was that the final boss animation or something else?

It was Magnus (Louis) I believe, so one of the last bosses.

Yeah, I found a video of it by Ray.

I doubt he’d give permission but can’t hurt to check.

I have messaged him. I’ll give it a try!

i really suggest not messaging him because he hates being bothered when it comes to hacking

I guarantee you’ll get an angry no

I talked to him about it