Altering SFE Quality

So, in the process of making an animation, I wanted a really sfe for it, since it involves an elephant, I want it to have a really cool elephant sfe like an elephant roar, but on the site where I found it, the quality of the sound was apparently too high for it to be compatible, so how do I alter sfe quality?
Here’s the site I got it from:
The one I wanted to put in was either 3,4, or 5, whichever is the long, higher quality roar

Using Audacity, open the audio and change your project rate at the bottom left to 8000 or 11025 (8000 is lower quality/size but probably standard for most hacks). Split the audio into Mono tracks and only keep one if there is a split. Optionally, increase treble, but you can figure out if you need to do it by CtrlZing after the next step. Go to Tracks->Resample… from the top and set it to 8000 (should automatically say this). Confirm, then go to file, Export Audio… choose your type as Other uncompressed, put 8bit wav pcm, and save it. Should be insertable now.

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Where’s Audacity, and I don’t have sox, so how do I get that?

Why not just use 13379Hz, since that’s the playback frequency used by the game?

Unfortunately I do not have sox, and apparently the file has a quality of .44100, so it’s too high

What you refer to as “quality” is the frequency, or sampling rate; basically how many points on a graph are drawn per second for the hardware to interpret the audio. Higher values result in better-sounding audio, but are more intensive on memory. Audio files on computers tend to be 44100Hz or 48000Hz by default because these are the standards for CD-ROMs and DVDs, respectively. GBA games have several different rates that they use as their playback frequency (the rate everything gets mixed down to); with the GBA FE games, this is 13379Hz. .s is the same as .sb, but instead of being raw hex bytes it’s assembly codes and contains a header, which is a string of information at the beginning of the file telling the game how long it is, what the frequency is, and whether or not it should loop.

You need some way to edit audio to change the frequency. Audacity and Wavosaur would both work. If you use Audacity, follow Fatih’s instructions; if you use Wavosaur, the option you are looking for is in Process ->Resample. Change the sample rate from 44100 to 13379. Additionally, if you are using Audacity, export it as an 8-bit .wav or if you are using Wavosaur go to Process ->Bit depth converter and convert the file to 8-bit (don’t worry about the additional options), and if the file is stereo (has different tracks for L and R speakers), go to Process ->Convert to mono ->Mix all channels.


Didn’t know about 13379 being the freq. I’ll have that in mind later.