All my portrait sprites

Hello,I am new and some of you might know me from the Fire Emblem amino, where i tend to upload OCs, sometimes do requested characters from other Fire Emblem games, or just my favorite characters. I mostly did the Tearring Saga/Bewick Saga ones, since nobody else seems to have done them before. Even thought i haven’t played it yet. I do have a timeout up til now.

Some of my oldest portraits area little outdated compared to the new ones. They are all free to use. The original characters are sometimes supposed to be for filling the missing classes, like a bonewalker, brigand or a Draco Zombie.

Zeek FE1 VillagerOgmaMarinetCzeneGennyUrkelGharnefHolmesNograhHirkApolloAlexKeppleSashinePlutusJoholahoPhataLeosixtusVectorClutusArmonErnieJoceOtikaVilmaPalmusCrazy old HilbertGrsamadaDomusBillyDhimiMariaGabrielReeseNesmopHardinRunanSylwissZeidUgger


I really like that genny, also the class card for the summoner with the phantom coming out of the ground us a nice touch. Welcome to the community. Feel free to join our discord.

Woah those sprites are really funny and original !
Most of them need some work on the shading (lot of pillow shading)

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Oh, thanks for telling me. Yeah, something was missing out but i keep looking but have no idea what. The shading, i see.
The mouth, eyes shading is going to be a drag a litlle.

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Even thought i never want to make a summoner card since i realize now that someone else already made one, same for the assassin class. But thanks, i’ll join that discord, if i may already have joined it or not

She looks like Shana from Shakugan no Shana, :heart_eyes:

Urusai! Urusai! Urusai! :triumph:

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As pointed out earlier, there is a lot of pillowshading, also there isn’t really one light source. Join the FEU discord. There’s a channel for sprites and other more experienced users.

When I see Tearring Saga I like.

You have a very unique style, keep it up!


yo that genny is doooooope
edit: also that maria is also dope