Alice's wacky design ideas

I’ve been in the Fire Emblem community for a while, and both the offical games and people’s hacks have had various unique ideas for weapons, items, skills, and just overall gameplay mechanics.

But… HOW far can we go?

Here I’ll be posting ideas I’ve had for my hack, and other things I’ve brainstormed.

Bandit effectiveness:

If you really think about it, “bandits” have been a whole subtype of classes for a while now. Thieves, Brigands, and their promotions… They can all destroy villages, and also are not frequently recruited by the player army. Most games give you just 2 thieves max, and no brigand.

Now, with these characteristics pointed out, why not have effective weaponry against them?

In concept, a bandit effective weapon should be either a sword or a light tome.

In my hack, I’m giving this effectiveness to Purge, because the etymology of the word [from Old French purgier, from Latin purgare ‘purify’, from purus ‘pure’], it means to essentially purify something, or more specifically, to get rid of impurities. And bandits could be seen as “impurities” by a heroic figure.

Constitution stat boost on Dragonstones:

This one just makes sense. If you’re turning into a giant dragon, your constitution should increase with your other stats. This would allow manaketes to also rescue other heavier units.

That is all for now. I will dump more ideas here in the future. Feel free to comment on what you think of these ideas


Ladyblade has been a thing in both official games and romhacks.


I’ll do you one better: a sword that’s effective on fliers

There’s already a Sword that’s effective on Fliers. It’s called Wing Clipper from FE4.

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heh? damn I accidentally named mine the same in a wip project lmao, more you know

I’m thinking more on the lines of a weapon that’s effective against bulky non-armored units…guys like Warrior, Berserkers, Heroes…call it a Bruteslayer.

Awakening introduced the Volant Axe as well

I thought it was effective against terrors, though?

Don’t remember the thing being effective against anything in SoV, but it was effective against bandits and stuff in FE3.

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Flyer effectiveness I think is something that should remain almost exclusive to Bows and Wind magic. I feel giving Flying effectiveness to other weapon types risks making bows obsolete. And we all know that’s bad.

I believe the most recent example of a non-bow, non-wind flying effective weapon was the Volant Axe in Awakening.

Honestly, a neat thing I’d wanna see is a cleric in armor. Like in just a base fire emblem game. Even just a mage. Like, why don’t they wear armor anyways? Light and dark mages don’t even do the dance that gba mages do, and clerics barely ever move anyways. Plus, it’d just be a neat idea for a healer. They get more defence and magic, but have 1 less movement, so you gotta play a bit slower.

dancer lord

I did write up a healer lord to ‘somewhat’ relate to the last two posts, even after promoting would still only have staff use and nothing else.
Never ended up doing anything with that though.

I mean that’s Noir from Code of the Black Knights in a nutshell.

expanding on this idea, a healer lord with 2 staves, one that inflicts random status effects on enemies, another that boost the stats or something beneficial besides just healing for allies, maybe a stave that both heals a small amount of HP and allows a unit to act again

throwin out another zinger, with an absolutely huge amount of weapon locks, locking certain weapons to classes like blades only for mercs and another new sword type for myrms, you can make similar classes feel very different

Not in Mystery of the Emblem, no.