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Hunter is the second unpromoted Bow class. They promote to either Sniper or Ranger. Meanwhile regular Archers promote to either Sniper or Ballistician.

The second mounted Bow class is Bow Knight, which is more like the 3H version in that it uses Lances, not Swords. Hence why it can promote from Soldier. And they also serve as the 2nd promotion for Nomads.

The generic Eliwood class is called Fencer (Infantry Sword-locked), and it promotes to either Noble (Infantry Sword + Lance) or Paladin. Fencer and Noble are pretty much just generic rapier Lord classes.

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Would you mind If I used this as a base to make a similar chart for my own hack?

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Sure. Go ahead

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Trying to add the Lilina sideburns to my OC to change it up a bit. Thoughts?


Adds a lot I think! Feels a bit more balanced with the ponytail, and works nice functionally with the blue of the outfit to define the neck window a little more.

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Quick question how did make that chart in the first place?

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It’s the standing frame of battle anims for each class with the movement arrows pointing to them, you can export both from the ROM with FEBuilder.

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Yeah. What Norikins said. I just edited it all in MS Paint

Thank you for the feedback! Do you think it would look better with the sideburns swapped? Or do you recommend something else?

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They look fine as is. You could probably add a pixel more of volume or so on the near one where it meets the rest of the hair near the ear, but I think it already looks nice.

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New and improved Ruby


Updated my AI pegasus knight girl


just a suggestion about Ruby’s smile: you should consider adding some more shading on both left/right side near the pixel at the top-right of the mouth, kinda like this for example:


if you do that, the smile will be overall more connected, otherwise that single orange pixel may be eventually mistaken for a spot.
it may sound like a trivial thing, but it really shows in the long run.
keep up the practice~ :+1:


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll see what I can do

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Made a custom Shaman. Does it look too much like Lyon?


A bit of an odd one today. A map:

I combined the FE6 map Arcadia and the FE7 map Living Legend into one colossal desert map. AKA, Fire Emblem Hell. Enjoy:


You monster!


Another portrait: Old man Manakete
Old Manakete2

Needs Hackbox expansion to be used.


This is a sheet of all the playable characters I have planned for my hack so far

Portraits with a yellow square on the top right are ones that I’ve made myself. The rest are from the Repo. (Except for Luccia and Angela, who are made by a friend)

I’m only missing 9 units from my checklist of characters: A soldier, 2 wyvern riders, a mage, a shaman, a monk, a sage, a paladin, a “geneic lord” kinda guy that’s supposed to be a Marth stereotype and Ruby’s cousin, and a swordmaster that’s supposed to be Lyn’s descendant (sorta like what Priam is to Ike).


Happy to see jake