Ahoy, FEU

Hi fellow FEnjoyers,
I’m ElPinguinot, it’s been a while that I lurk in the FE romhacking community and finally decided to join in !
I’m an old FE player, even though my skill at FE tactic is mostly average, and in terms of modding I’m totally green when it comes to romhacking. I modded a bit on Crusader Kings 2, another game that I love, but that’s very different
I don’t know if I will ever have the time to invest myself into a full Fire Emblem romhack, even though I have some ideas, but as of now I’m totally fine discovering and trying the romhack made by much more talented peoples !


welcome! Don’t worry no one is good at fire emblem, we just pretend that we’re competent


Ahah thanks, will try to remember it !

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