After death events

Yeah, back again and so soon unfortunately.

I was wondering if there is any way to trigger events after a player kills a certain enemy/boss.

For example: Lyn kills Zugu and another boss spawns because Zugu is dead.

I would assume it involves event conditions and I’ve searched around for an answer but nothing really directly answers what I need.

In the death quote editor in Nightmare, make Zugu’s death quote trigger an event ID. In your events, have an event that happens every phase that checks for Zugu’s death quote ID with IFET. If the check is true, load the second boss and un-trigger the ID (with ENUF) so the event doesn’t keep happening every phase. This will make it so boss №2 appears the turn after Zugu dies.

If you want it immediately instead of the turn after, use AFEV.

How would these events look like in order? I am having trouble creating the events.
Nothing happens with these events, but here’s what I have.


IFET 0x6 0x01
ELSE 0x02
ENIF 0x6
IFCD 0x01 0x89
TEX1 0x1343
ELSE 0x03
ENIF 0x01
ENIF 0x03

You’re very close. You actually don’t need an ELSE here unless you want to do stuff if Zugu is not dead, though. The IFET is all that asks if he’s dead. If you wanted to have something happen if he’s still alive each turn, though (example: if he is dead, show the text, but if he is not dead, load more bandits), you would need the ELSE (which is also a condition, so it requires its own ENIF).

Also, IFCD only works for player units (their deaths are saved differently so they don’t come back next chapter if they die) iırc, which is why you check for Zugu’s death quote’s event ID instead of using IFCD for him. You could also use IFUF (If Unit Fielded) to check if he is alive.

This might be a little necro, but I wanna know if there is a way to make the same type of reinforcement after death work with NPC and Player Units, It does not quite work

Since this was necroposted, I don’t think I need to make a new thread do for question I had as well.
Is it possible to check if a unit (yours or enemies) were killed in a later chapter? Kind of like the credits, but triggering an event in a later chapter.

Like to check whether the unit is dead? Yes that’s possible. You use

CHECK_ALIVE (Character)

If you want to see if the character died this chapter, then you can set an event ID with a death quote specific to this chapter. You can then check if this event ID is set.

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So…No idea in how to load an NPC/Player unit after death? I tried both using AFEV and IFET but it only seems to work on enemy units.
EDIT: Made it work with just Loading a enemy and then turning it into an ally, but still does not seem to work for when the NPC dies, it totally skips the event when an NPC DIES

Exactly what do your AFEVs, death quotes, and event to run look like?

Here are the events that load the units:
CAM1 [27,17]

CAM1 [11,6]

CAM1 [16,26]

Here are Location and afevs in case I’m missing something
DOOR 0x0 [27,4] 0x10
DOOR 0x0 [11,15] 0x10
DOOR 0x0 [5,15] 0x10
CHES 0x29 0x5A [30,11] 0x12
CHES 0x1F 0x5B [30,9] 0x12
CHES 0x2E 0x5C [30,6] 0x12
CHES 0x26 0x5D [30,3] 0x12
CHES 0x25 0x5E [28,2] 0x12
CHES 0x24 0x5F [3,23] 0x12
CHES 0x23 0x60 [2,22] 0x12
CHES 0x22 0x61 [1,20] 0x12
CHES 0x21 0x62 [2,18] 0x12
CHES 0x20 0x63 [1,16] 0x12

AFEV 0x08 EndingScene1 0x28
AFEV 0x09 EndingScene2 0x27
AFEV 0x0A Nergal2 0x09
AFEV 0x0B Murdock2 0x07
AFEV 0x0C Knoll2 0x08

Athos the NPC has the 0x09 Event ID on his Death quote and nothing more, it has the 43 chapter ID for it to work on any chapter. So I don´t know what I’m missing

Probably irrelevant, but I’d end your location and misc event blocks with an END_MAIN like

AFEV 0x08 EndingScene1 0x28
AFEV 0x09 EndingScene2 0x27
AFEV 0x0A Nergal2 0x09
AFEV 0x0B Murdock2 0x07
AFEV 0x0C Knoll2 0x08

Secondly, why are you reusing 0x09 as an event ID between the AFEV for Nergal 2 and EndingScene2? Likewise with 0x08.

Have you tried changing whch event IDs you’re using for this after-death event? It may be prevented by one of those event IDs already being set.
Also, do you want this event to happen just once or more than once? If you want it to happen multiple times, you’ll want to unset the event ID that triggers the AFEV after loading whatever you want to load after their death.

They are using Death Quotes ID’S, also I think AFEVS are different from event ID’s.
I want those reinforcements to appear just once.

I’d try to isolate the problem. It’s probably either…
a) Your event ID isn’t being set from the death quote for some reason.
b) Something’s wrong with your AFEV.
Try to figure out where the problem lies by seeing if the event ID gets set after the NPC’s death.

Weird, I tried different Event Id’s, it did not work, until I changed the diying character, changed Athos for Nino…So it worked…what the hell??

EDIT: You were right in the first place, the AFEVS use the same event ID’s as everything else…So far I got 3 reinforcements on 3 different factions and all work as expected

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