Affin color palette figuring out

I’m trying to figure out this silly color palette for the Affin, Weapon icons and such. I get one picture of the icon I’m trying to put in, looking like this:
But in the support stat boost it look like this:
And in game looks like this
Maybe I’m just dumb and it just something that’s plain see to see and for ref this is what the icon supposed to look like:

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Affinities and weapon rank icons have a strange color shifting property that changes the palette order when inserted. Your best bet is to export some and compare the colors so you know what color becomes what.

I’m pretty sure they just use the palette after item icons (the next 0x20 bytes)

Well, I check the palette order out, saw some errors and fix them and I’m so close to getting it
Just want it to be red, not yellow. Here is the palette order:

No, that’s the item icon palette.
Affinity icons, as teq said, use a different palette:
On the top the item icon palette, on the bottom the affinity icon palette.

There is no color shifting happening, they just use a different palette, when you draw something for the GBA (and many other systems) the only part of the image color that matters is the color number inside the palette, what the color itself looks like means nothing.

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