Adorbzy's thread (Maps/Splices)

I used to make maps and splices for a while back at Serenes a few years ago. I still like making maps once in a while so I thought i’d share for some feedback. I never got used to doing outdoor maps though.

Does this map look engaging?


Not the best at looking at map design but I’ll throw in my opinion

the split off here can work well to lightly split up the players army if the player has a reason to split their army in the first place and not just go all bottom path or something, I also think the cracked wall is well placed, maybe an archer in the wall has a door or chest key for the treasure?

the path to the chest seems a little too out of the way, having to turn a corner then take a turn opening the door and then the chest will take a little too long for the thief or unit with the keys to get any more action at all, but as long as there aren’t a bunch of reinforcements right next to the chest area it shouldn’t be much of an issue
this hallway right here seems a little too drawn out and spacious, however I think a room like this is just natural when it comes to indoor maps, maybe expand the walls to make the way to the throne slightly more narrow and add some way to change it from just a straight line to the throne with nothing but a few pillars to the side

overall I’d say this map would be pretty enjoyable assuming enemy placement was well designed, the only tedious part I could see being an issue is the overly long and spacious hallway to the throne room, however I can’t blame you for it in the slightest, indoor map tilesets don’t offer nearly as many options as outdoor map tilesets so I’d say you did a great job using the tileset well (I also commend you for doing the checkered floor pattern for the castle, it looks great).

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Looks good. The possible archer/mage in the middle wall seems very annoying.

Do these look fun and engaging? I still can’t get the hang of paths but i’m trying to get there. :smiling_face:

King and Queen Villains

FE6 Ch7 wanna-be

The 9 Circles


look p good to me

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