Adding more affinities

Hello. So tried to add new affinities to Fireshell(the base FE I’m working on) but I couldn’t find a easy to do it. So I’m guessing it an ASM thing.

I was wondering if anyone can figure it out how to add more affinities and if it’s doable. I need a total of five more affinities.

Could you give some more details to your attempt? I’d assume there might be an array with the affinity data, did you just try expanding it with no luck (I know that some tables have a “hard cap” on the number of entries, just as generic minimugs)? If so, it’d be helpful to know where that was.

@Siuloir has asked me for this, and I have it on my to-do list. I haven’t started it yet, though, so any other asm hackerz are free to take it up.

It’d be a great functionality to have in Fire Shell, for sure.

Sorry if I didn’t give enough detail. I just used nightmare on my attempt. Didn’t expand any arrays because I have no idea where the affinity data is located.

FYI the image is just loaded affinity number images after the empty one in the weapon icons. If you put a higher affinity than built in, you start running into the mount icons. I was thinking of editing where it loads it you can insert the images elsewhere and add more images. As for support functionality… Idk where that is, but I can find it when the time comes.

I already added two functional affinities in my hack:

I’ve expanded and reallocated the Support Bonus table, and for the icon, just change the icons after the Wyvern Icon in the table, because the are used in this order:

Affinity - Icon
0x01 Fire - 0x7A Fire Icon (Affinity)
0x02 Thunder - 0x7B Thunder Icon (Affinity)
0x03 Wind - 0x7C Wind Icon (Affinity)
0x04 Water - 0x7D Water Icon (Affinity)
0x05 Dark - 0x7E Dark Icon (Affinity)
0x06 Light - 0x7F Light Icon (Affinity)
0x07 Anima - 0x80 Anima Icon (Affinity)
0x08 Horse - 0x81 Horse Icon
0x09 Pegasus - 0x82 Pegasus Icon
0x0A Dragon - 0x83 Dragon Icon
0x0B Earth - 0x84 Member Card
0x0C Heaven - 0x85 Silver Card

And in the Support Bonus editor, 0x08, 0x09 and 0x0A use the aid Icons, start editing from 0x0B.

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Right, but don’t you lose the two icons…? (I wanted to asm hack this in a way where you don’t need to sacrifice weapon icon slots (or just plain use the affinity icon locations for something else, @AlfredKamon)

@Mikey_Seregon: could I include that Heaven icon in Fire Shell?

@Crazycolorz5: It’d still be pretty ballin’ to have that done. I’ve gone and expanded the table to a default size of 20 entries, I’d hope that’s enough to satisfy most anyone’s needs. Using that to its maximum potential would take a significant chunk of weapon icon space.

Sure, no problem.

Added Earth, Water and Heaven to FireShell by default.

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