Adding custom classes

I’m trying to add some new classes for my hack. For example Warlock, Gladiator, etc. I have seen the repository for this but there’s not enough for me. I need a class that can use Axe, Lance and Bows for example. Or maybe some unique looking class. Please let me know if there’s any class like this.

There’s animations that support all 3 weapon types for Generals and Paladins I believe. You can have a look at some of the Lord animations in the repo too potentially.

The repo has a lot in it. Pick a category and check out all the files

I know but the repo doesn’t have what I’m searching for. I’m actually searching for custom battle animations e.g a wyvern rider or a pegasus Kn. that can wield every weapon, or a custom class that has a different battle animation. I saw many rom hacks use many unique classes that aren’t available in the repo. So I’m thinking if there are any alternatives to that.