About the Hacking Questions category

Have a question that isn’t answered already somewhere? Ask away! And remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question (except for the ones that have already been answered - use the search function responsibly).

But at the same time, we should give you something better to search in the first place.

  1. If applicable, just make a post in the appropriate stickied thread. Self-explanatory.

  2. Tell us EXACTLY what you did and EXACTLY what isn’t working. Not just “I did some edits with nightmare and now the game doesn’t work”, say “After editing Eliwood’s growths with the Character Editor on a vanilla FE7 ROM, the game crashes when I start it up”. Always give as much information as you can, even including possibly irrelevant info. Tell us if you’ve edited the ROM before, and if so, how. The more info you give us, the more info we can give back.

  3. Do your homework and try to see if the answer is readily available. Check the various docs and the more recent help topics to see if your question has been already asked. This saves my time more than anyone else’s, and since I have to answer your question that’s a good thing for me Wink

The two things you need to ask yourself:

Is there anything that I’ve left out?
Can this question be answered with a ctrl-f search?

Both of those should be no. And we’ll be happy to help.

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Reminder to all that this section has always and remains to be for Rom hacking and programming related questions. If the question is about a subject matter unrelated to this it does not belong in this section. Put it in community.