About the amaterasu skill (Febuilder) [Solved]

  • Hacking method: Fe builder

  • Base Game:Fe8

Am I doing something wrong or the amaterasu skill (heal 20% of HP to allies within 2 tiles each turn) is not working ?
Because the bond skill (heal 10% of HP to allies within 3 tiles each turn) is working just fine.

Amaterasu is broken in FEBuilder’s most recent version of SkillSys. This bug has been fixed on the main SkillSys GitHub, but the updated version has not been made FEBuilder-compatible, as porting new SkillSys versions to FEBuilder is a substantial amount of work for FEBuilder’s creator and so it is only done roughly once a year.

(For context, the fact that SkillSys is usable in FEBuilder at all is a borderline miracle. SkillSys is originally built around being used with Buildfiles, which work in a way that’s fundamentally opposed to the way FEBuilder edits ROMs – Buildfiles work by installing structured changes onto a clean base ROM, with modifications to the files changing the process of installing those changes when you build the patch, while FEBuilder edits the ROM live in-line, with changes being directly written in and saved to the ROM itself using whatever free memory space is available. SkillSys hooks into a massive amount of the game’s inner workings, and in order to do so is reliant on being installed at specific memory locations and with most configuration done prior to installation. Hence why it’s so difficult to update the FEBuilder version, as it has to go through a lot of adjustments and specific structuring to interface properly with FEBuilder’s editors.)

Ok, thanks for the info, then is not that serious then, i can just use bond instead and it will work just fine.