About recording gameplay

years ago, i was using a software called “Fraps” in order to record gameplay videos from videogames, mainly mmos.
however, as time passed and my old pc eventually died, i was wondering if there’s any other decent alternatives out there to capture gameplay footage, possibly free versions without an annoying watermark on display.
something that could work with videogames, and eventually emulators too.

i’ve already taken a look around, but before trying out new softwares, i wanted to ask here for suggestions.
any kind of info will be more than welcome~

OBS is a great free option for both recording and streaming. Can set up backgrounds, scenes, multiple video feeds to have on screen, etc. Can do whole screen, specific windows, specific sources, yada yada yada.

Nvidia and AMD also have their own screen recording software (assuming you have either or brand of GPU). I forget what AMD Radeon’s is, but Nvidia’s GeForce Experience has screen recording and streaming. Not as robust feature-wise as OBS, but easier to use and it’s coupled with the software to more easily update drivers and whatnot.

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