About Mappy files and FEBuilder

Is there a way to import .FMP files into FEBuilder?
I’m testing some maps, but the most I found where just PNG files, so I’m kind of helpless here.

Read it with mappy and export it in mar format.
then, Load mar from the FEBuilderGBA map editor.


Also, how do you use Mappy?

Also, how do you use Mappy?

I’m not sure because I’ve never used Mappy so much.
However, if look at the manual, it supports the mar format.

I looking at the fmp format, it was not a very complicated format,
so I created a routine for FEBuilderGBA.

Update to the latest version of FEBuilderGBA.
You can import fmp files with MapEditor.

However, there are two limitations.

You can import with fmp, but you cannot export with fmp format.

Layer is NOT supported.
Use tiled if you want to use Layer.

When making this function, I referred to the GFE1R github data.
GFE1R made map data with both fmp and mar format, so it was very useful as Rosetta Stone.