About FE8 battle transforming


Sorry for my poor English, but I’m really confused when I created and transplanted some transforming animaion.

1.What’s the standard script of the four types anim(beginning/battle/back/finished),different dragons’ scripts in FE6 an 8 have some difference, I can’t sure my own script can be used or not.

2.This is the most important and urgent thing,what’s the limit amount of color in transforming animation.Usually in other types animation, it’s 16 ( including background color). But I found that just like the FE8 dragon’s beginning anim ,it broke the ceiling.

Because I want to draw a new ike’s animation, some ideas depend on that limit.

Thank you so much.


Some animations can use multiple palettes simultaneously.
At the same time, as with TSA, it is implemented by switching the palette column.
It is very difficult to make this, so I recommended to make it in only 16 colors.

The following is the result of swapping the first and second columns of the palette of this image.

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Really thank you for your help! But actually I have solved this problem by the tutorials here:joy_cat:.Still thank you for your enthusiasm. And here is my initial try.IKE


Here I come again.As you see ,I have completed the first part, it runs successfully ,but when it transformed back. The color is wrong! @7743 Could give me some help? For quick test ,I didn’t put the 32 palette column in the up-right corner. I just writed the script by reversing order. Does it matter?%E5%8F%98%E8%BA%AB


ok, maybe i knew the reason @7743 ,thank you