A wild Southerner approaches

Howdy there, FEU! Big gamer and SRPG fan here, I go by MegaTheGamer pretty much everywhere, Mega for short, nice to meet y’all! I’ve been hanging around on Serenes for a few years, and I’ve been reading this site as well, but never saw much reason to make an account until now. But I have one now, so I figure it’s only proper to tell you a bit about myself.

I was born and raised in South Texas and still live there to this day. Like most Western fans, I first ran into the game through Super Smash Bros. I properly became a fan when I picked up Path of Radiance, which I realized was localized after Ike spoke English in Brawl (yes, really). I fell in love with the game, picked up Shadow Dragon when that came out around that time, and have been a fan ever since. I’ve played every game, and beaten all of them except Thracia (working on that, currently at Chapter 13) and Three Houses (also working on it, just got to the timeskip, Crimson Flower path).

Outside of Fire Emblem I pretty much love all things gaming. My favorite series is Mega Man, which made me a gamer to begin with, but I’ve played a lot of games of many different types. I like mecha games a lot, too. Super Robot Wars, SD Gundam, that sort of thing. I also stream on Twitch, because I like to share my gaming experiences with people. I do have interests outside of gaming, but gaming is my main passion. When not gaming, I usually listen to music (most styles) or watch gaming videos. Occasionally I might get into an anime.

As a person I’d say I’m very relaxed and optimistic. I’m very much an introvert and more a listener than a talker. I stick to my word once given and expect the same from others. Not much bothers me and I’m generally a calm person. Of course, I’m not more perfect than anyone else; I value honestly highly, but this means I can be blunt bordering on rude at times. I can also tend to be obstinate when I have a strong opinion about something.

Anyway, this has gone on long enough, I think. As for this community, I’ll probably mostly lurk. I have no coding or game design knowledge and no desire to work on a project or fangame of my own. I am, however, willing to help with community efforts like FEE3; and I have playtested games before and enjoy doing so, so hit me up if you need a glitch finder, lol. Anyway, feel free to ask if there’s anything else you’d care to know. Y’all seem like fine people, and I’ll be here supporting you even if I don’t have much to say. Have a good one!


Hi bb welcome to the forums.

That intro was a gamer move.



Welcome to 'Universe Mega!

@Mega didn’t know know you had an alt


HAH! I was also surprised to see another Mega. I’m not sure whether the surprise is at the coincidence, or that it took this long with such a generic name…lol.

Anyway, I don’t mind folks using my actual first name Ron, since he was here first and all. Or, you know, just use tags. :ok_hand:


Oh no, a clone! Not another one!


How do embed video on phone

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