A very late introduction

So I have been here for almost a year now but I believe that there isn’t a rule that says how late an introduction can be so here it is. My name is Gabriel Plouffe (Good luck pronouncing my last name if you can’t speak French lol) also known here as the incredible Shadowfire! Greatest hacker that ever was!!!

Ok jokes aside, you might have seen me around doing whatever but I am mostly known for the upcoming Gale of Darkness hack or something else if there is any reason why people would even know me aside from trying to offer drawing something as compensation to try to get people to help out with my projects.

I really like the fire emblem games and playing rom hacks. I’d say my favourites are:

  1. DLATMOL (god the name is long)
  2. The last promise (the ending kind of faceplanted in my opinion)
  3. Terror of the forest (aside from all the bugs balance issues, it’s a very fun hack)
  4. Sun God’s wrath (It’s a good hack that is very innovative but I really hated the whole “If any of the x units that just joined dies, instant game over!” thing)
  5. Road to ruin (It’s fun but it’s getting pretty difficult for me although I might start over now that I have more experience with fire emblem games)
  6. Eligor’s spear (once again difficulty is my issue. I’m sure it’s the hacks whole thing but I’m not a fan of those sorts of games)

Hopefully I won’t start a war over my choices.

I also really like to draw and really want to improve myself which I’d say that I’m succeeding slowly but surely.

Some drawings I made in case you are interested


If you are wondering about the Alator signature, it’s my Pixiv account’s name. alator - pixiv

Anyway I think that’s all you need to know about me so yeah hello and hopefully, I’ll get Gale of Darkness done. Bye!


:wave: :wave: Hello!


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I feel like I’ve seen you around… anyways, welcome! Good luck on the hack and with your art!

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Thank you!

Oh I forgot. I also do playthroughs of hacks (I am a bit overdue for the next part though)
Fire Emblem Vision Quest playthrough pt1 - YouTube The shitty first part of my vision quest playthrough. Don’t worry the editing gets better.

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