A very interesting thing I discovered related to Fire Emblem music

Not that this is hacking-related or anything, but I gotta share this somewhere.
I was just listening to some nice old-school prog rock, when I stumbled upon this gem:

Nice music, right?
Now, listen to the section starting at about 5:05.
Sound familiar? (Reminder that this track is from a 1976 album.)



No joke though that is pretty cool, how did you stumble upon the track that “In the name of Bern” was seemingly based on though?

Zephiel listens to prog confirmed! :metal:

based on the tastes she expresses in this interview, it honestly makes a lot of sense that tsujiyoko would be partial to progrock

Welp. Discovered an obscure fire emblem musical influence and found a cool new prog rock band to listen to. Today has been a good day. :+1:
Good on ya m8, thanks for this :clap: