A titleless post


Hey, it’s me, serif, also known as Natsumi~chan, “the only one who likes Resonance”, Aizawa, whatever you want. I’m fine, I haven’t completely vanished from the internet or drowned in crippling self doubt
A few months ago, I completely abandoned Discord and ROM hacking in general for reasons I’ll state later, as this isn’t the point of me making the post. But yeah, I’m okay. You might’ve seen me online here at one point because I like to browse here to play various hacks or check up on the progress of others.
But that’s not the point of this post. I’ve only just come back to tease at something I’ve been working on for quite some time. It’s not ready just yet, but hopefully by the end of the summer, I will have a project ready to show. It’s not a ROM hack, though.
Anyways, that’s all I’ve got to say, Not really sure how I should conclude this, especially if some of you still don’t like me, or think this entire thing was for publicity. If so, then, uh… Go ahead? I’m not one to change what you think of me.

-Aizawa, the slight projection finishing off a stroke of a letter in certain typefaces.


Good to see you’re back and doing okay. I hope the secret thing you’re working on turns out well.

also, is the egglocke dead?

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We never talked much, but it’s cool to know things are going alright on your end. The new project certainly intrigues me, I’ll definitely be looking into it.

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my son has come home again

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Hi nat

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Good to see you back. I missed ya.


Well, we never talked before, but good to see you back, Nat~

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