A teaser for a new battle animation

For all of those fans out there. Don’t worry he is almost complete. Here is a teaser of what is to come:


Thought it would be funny to make a little skit to introduce our hero.

For the main dude’s sprites TheKealGanon
For the potrait Atey from DeviantArt


Looks great, Jotaros portrait is a little small/short though.

But here’s a tip, if you want to show off an animation. We don’t need a 7minute intro. Just a short clip of the animation, if you really wanna show off the video link it after.


I see no problem I will upload a gif then!

Thank you btw!


It’s ur boi

very good!!

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That’s amazing

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are we getting more heritage for the future rips going forward?

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I made Polnareff one but it looks like my orginal Jotaro animaiton. I don’t know if you guys would like to be released or not. If so let me know XD

Thank you!