A Spriter Returns Maybe? An Introduction

Hi All

I used to be a part of the online Fire Emblem community a long time ago (I was a spriter for TLP) and used to be part of a few forums (FEW, FEU and Serenes and sometimes went by Kai Shiden). Although the last time I was ‘active’ was 2015, I never truly stopped spriting and dreaming of one day making a hack to tell a story.

With the pandemic the last two years, I found more time for spriting and did a sprite a day challenge for October back in 2020. In short I decided that I’d upload some of my sprites for free usage back to the community I used to be a part of so long ago. They don’t serve much of a purpose sitting on my computer kept to myself really.

So keep an eye out for some spriting goodies I guess once I work out how to post them on here. Back in the day I had to upload them to photobucket before posting them in here, but I’ve sort of long abandoned photobucket.

EDIT: Man I just read the guidelines and it said don’t sign your posts facepalm


Hi, welcome here and great to have you! If it’s one thing that’s so inspiring about this place is the sheer amount of people creating all these great things for these games we all love. Always happy to see one more join the community :blush:

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I was in SF and your name sounds familiar to me, and then when I saw your pfp I vaguely remember your thread back in SF…

You can just post them here directly, so you don’t have to rely on third-party storage like the ancient Photobucket lol

Welcome to FEU!

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Hmm I tried just uploading them into the post, but it says I can’t post with emedded media files. Not sure if its like a limit thing where I have to post a few posts around before I get full permissions to post sorta thing

I think you don’t have the proper trust level. Could be wrong though

Oh hey I remember you, welcome back (since this is feu all over again lol)

Yeah I’m not sure what’s wrong, I can’t even link a screenshot to show you : / not even allowed to do that.

it’s trust level related, your account is still brand new, so you’re in a waiting period for 2 days


Ok that makes sense, I got a notification saying I had all the basic functions enabled so that confused me.

“Garytop will wait patiently for X days to post his sprites, but only for X days. After that he will begin his assault”


Always neat to find new artist man. Pixel art can be tough sometimes.

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