A simple start

New to rom hacking, and I have started building this already as practice but it is getting a little tedious. What I really want to start is simply to have all the FE7 characters inserted into FE8 with natural recruitment along the storyline. I get that it isn’t balanced or anything, I just want a playthrough of FE8 where when I hit the post-game I have all my FE7 characters to play around with too. I want all the normally playable characters, plus if I can some fun extras, like Nergal, Leila, the Four Fangs/Uhai. I have added classes for all the Lords with promotions and Nergal and Nomad/Nomad Trooper and started plugging in characters, With just Eliwood showing up in the prologue and then Hector and the Ostia crew all showing up together in chapter 1. I was just going to add all the characters and then go through each chapter and add a group that seemed reasonably related showing up as green neutral units or maybe enemy units with a conversation to recruit with someone else from FE7. This is pretty simple, and I got to thinking somebody has to have done this already. Does anyone know of a hack/patch that could just add all the characters and stop me from repeating this process so many times, even if I still have to build all the recruitment scenes to my liking? Maybe I missed something but I can’t find anything quite like this but it seems to simple for nobody to have done it.

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You can only have 50 units in your party at a time (62 with some versions of EMS, but prep menu will break past 50 available). So you cannot have all the characters you want at once, sorry. You can have the player choose, though. (Eg. Recruit Colm or Matthew)

Thank you for letting me know. I didn’t know the prep screen had that limit. Do you know of any other hacks that have done something like that?

Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but can you elaborate on the “some versions of EMS”, bit? Like, I know what EMS is, (Modular Stat Screen), I just don’t know what you mean by “some versions”.

I am unaware of fe8 reskins that use characters from other fe games, but I would wager it exists. I just don’t really pay much attention to reskins, sorry.

EMS (Expanded Modular Save) is a hack that allows you to organize what will be saved between chapters and on suspend. You can edit this as desired. For example, the latest skillsys patch on febuilder (July 2022) uses space for 200 convoy instead of 62 units. The default ems setup on skillsys master opts for 62 players to be saved and leaves the convoy at the vanilla 100.


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Thanks again for your insight, on the back of what you said I am going to try making a couple of ‘versions’ and split up the characters I want to add into different actual ROM’s, probably going to be the Eliwood version, Lyn version, Hector version, and Black Fang version. But I was looking through the character roster and wondering if you knew how the game handles Orson, since he is a playable character during the story mode, but it isn’t the same version of him that gets added in creature campaign right? Do those normally take up 2 slots in the standard game?

Once a unit is deleted via DISA or has their allegiance changed to non-player, they will no longer be saved in player units ram and won’t be saved between chapters.

Orson uses up 2 character table slots, but you would never have him in player ram twice, so he only counts as one slot in ram. (You can have the player choose which units to recruit ingame and only use up ram for the ones actually chosen.)

Perfect, thank you, and if I want to replace him in creature campaign only, do you know which of the character slots represents his creature campaign version? Same for any of the others, I assume it would be the last instance of the character in the list, since they have multiple slots like you mentioned.

probably the latter one, I think febuilder has an editor related to creature campaign editors