A ROM hack (well kinda)

My friend and I want to make a fangame that is called “Fire Emblem; Divided We Stand”. However…we need a team to help with animations, bugging,etc. We have part of the story completed…but sadly haven’t converted our ideas on paper. We have a blueprint of Ch1 complete. Can I have some assistance because our project has reached a point where our ideas don’t comprehend with others?

I recommend you start your hack and make progress on it before asking for help, asking for feedback and all that is cool, but asking for animations isn’t going to get you any results unless you have something to show.

There are lots of animations that are free to use, and if you have any questions on how to progress on your hack I recommend you join the feu discord.

Ok. Will do…thx Leonarth. Its makes a lot more sense starting at a base and expressing my creativity from Ch1. You gave me a lot more confidence to get this done.

I would recommend having a longer writeup for your thread. You’ve given no details aside from a name. What makes your romhack compelling? Why should an animator or playtester want to help you out? Stuff like that. I’d also recommend having something working before posting a thread, even it’s just a chapter or so.

Pikmin1211…You are right. Im not a fan of dragging specific topics on so I will do what I can to explain the story.

This is Ch1…so far at least.

No you don’t. There are hundreds of animations in the public repository.


I get it…thx Klokinator…means a lot



Calm down; all you’ve received is constructive criticism and good suggestions. Klok literally solved your animation problem by notifying you of it’s existence.


Thanks Skitty… means alot… wanker.

It’s like I’m really reading a Sophia support convo …