A question about Item description's

Hello FEuniverse! I’m new here so I’m just learning the lay of the land’s, sooo… yeah, anyway, so i’m making a FE8 hack with FEbuilder, and I’m wondering if I change the item description of, say, an Iron Sword with the text being number 410 in the text editor for example, and I switch it to a text box that’s, say, 415 that’s being used for the Iron lance for example, that is the exact same as the Iron sword description, and I make it so that the iron sword and the iron lance both use the 410 as there item description, thus, making it so that I can use 415 for something else, will doing so break anything?

I hope I was as clear as I can, and ask my anything that I was unclear on, thank you!

im pretty sure it doesnt break anything

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Thank you! I was worried because I was already doing it. :slightly_smiling_face: