A Problem With Battle Animation Pallete

I’m not sure how I will be able to explain this, but I will give a shot.

I have this battle animation that have the same colors, but they are ordered different in the pallete configuration.

As you can see the colors number 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 are different compared to the original sprite or vice versa.

This makes it virtually impossible to standardize a pallete to these animations, meaning that different palletes would be needed to use both of these animations. What also means that you would have to import the same animation over and over again just to use a different pallete.

So, is there any way of changing these colors to their right numbers?

If you know anyone who can help me, I really beg you. I’m working in these animations for months and I must finish them as soon as I can.
If you are wondering, when I finish them, I will release they into the repo.

Sounds like your image editing program is sorting the palette to different spots. If what you’re using can’t rearrange the palette without changing the image, then you can use GIMP. That would be under Colors>Map>Rearrange Colormap. After your move the colors where you want, you just export as PNG. This lets you reorder the palette without changing how the image looks.

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@Kemui52 Hi there, the solution you gave seem to worked, but there is something I’m doing wrong, I correctly changed the colormap, this worked.

But I’m getting some trouble after rearranging the colors, do I have to rearrange the color map of all battle sprites or just the first one?

I hope you don’t mind giving me a hand again, if the problem isn’t about rearranging all the sprites, then do you mind doing an example and giving some screenshots to me? I could work out with an example (if the problem isn’t about rearranging all battle sprites colormaps)

If the problem is the battle sprites colormap than never mind what I mentioned about giving me an example :v.

Animation Download It Here

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It’s best to have all the images use a matching palette. This means, yes, every image needs to be re-exported. Assuming all the images you want to rearrange the palette of are using the same exact erroneous palette, the process can be hastened by importing all of them into the same GIMP project so each one is their own layer. That way, you just need to rearrange the palette the one time and export each layer as their own image. You can open one image in GIMP, then highlight the rest of them and drag 'em into the GIMP window to mass import them, but l dunno if there’s a quick way to export each layer as its own image.

If l understand your current issue correctly, you basically need to put all the images into one GIMP project, rearrange the palette once, then toggle visibility of each layer in order to export them separately.

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Ahhhhh, Now it makes even more sense! I’m so glad for this. I will start to rearrange the palletes this week.
I know that it’s not much, but I have some sort of everyone deserves credits politics, it’s the minimum I can do for your helping me out.

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