A pleasure to meet you all

Hello, I’m simply just an artist interested in Spriting after seeing some of the creative and interesting portraits and phantasmal animations. I used to dabble with spriting about a decade back with the GBA material but lost interest since, well, I wasn’t much of a talker and didn’t get help.

My main strengths I’d say are more illustrations and rough work rather than spriting, but I’d like to improve and learn about spriting as best I can.

Splicing is something I don’t often do as I prefer freehanding.

I’m currently working as a volunteer for Omni’s project as a portrait artist.

I’m kind of a hermit but I’d like to drop my work off from time to time so if you have critique, it would be greatly appreciated.

And here are some samples -

~Mary for FE6~
Mary Draft

Mary Rough

Mary WIP #1

Mary WIP #2 (Got help from Omni’s team)

Mary Finale (Final touches done by Omni’s Team)

~Nino (Older) for FE6~
Nino Draft

Nino WIP #1

Nino WIP #2 (The mole is actually just a pixel blob I forgot to erase)

Nino WIP #3 (Awaiting commentary, hasty draft of clothing)

~Original Characters~
Ryker Line Draft

Ryker Draft

Ryker WIP#1

Ankar Draft

Ankar WIP#1


Looks pretty spiff so far. I guess my only real comment is Nino’s face… feels long? I can’t quite place it. (Also, her nose is like, invisible, but I’m not sure if you just hadn’t gotten to it?)

Pretty good can’t wait to see your work on a hack

Oh, random tip that helps me, flip your drawings/sprites as you’re working on them.

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ankar <3

I was there when Onmi was first showing off Mary, you did in a day for an original character what took months of various portrait artists clobbering together something for a preexisting character. Good on you for that. Also, your sketches look nice in general, so keep that up.