A New User's FE6 PME (Patch Available!)

Ok so iam planing just too drop gameplay changes and go to sleep
1 snipers crit boost (they locked to 2 range so to buff them)
2 legendarys have 50 uses (easyer geting good ending)

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Well, here’s the last batch of Jugdral characters.

Name: Iucharba
Class: Warrior
Replacing: Gurrero
Affinity: N/A
Description: A noble fallen in disgrace. Searching for the Amyr.

Bases & Growths:
Hp: 42
Str/Mag: 16
Skl: 7
Spd: 16
Luck: 5
Def: 14
Res: 1
Con: 12

Boon: SKL
Bane: SPD

Inventory (Max 4):
-Steel Axe
-Hand Axe
-Power Ring

Death Quote: Argh… Brother… I’m sorry…

Boss Quote: I will not hand over my treasure! I’ll beat the crap out of you!

Iucharba (New version) {Melia}

Credits: Melia

Name: Iuchar
Class: Paladin
Replacing: Kel
Affinity: N/A
Description: A high officer of the Adrestian Empire. A hopeless romantic.

Bases & Growths:
Hp: 40
Str/Mag: 15
Skl: 10
Spd: 12
Luck: 5
Def: 12
Res: 1
Con: 15

Boon: DEF
Bane: HP

Inventory (Max 4)
-Silver Axe
-Silver Lance

Death Quote: Though Iuchar dies, love will never… Guhaa…

Boss Quote: Heheheh… Nobody can defeat me. To die by my hand, you should feel flattered.

Iuchar (Old version) {Melia}

Credits: Melia

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Don’t forget about the other bosses of 20BX (we do have enough portrait slots right?)
Eliwood Old.png
(Portrait by Lenh and Obsidian Daddy)
Description:Eliwood called, he wants his son’s game back.


Inventory:Durandal (If possible, if not then Silver Sword, Elixir)

Death Quote:Roy… I’m… sorry…
Boss Quote:Roy… You’ll pay for what you did!

Lyn {Older} {UltraFenix, Plant Academy, MonkeyBard, Spoon Rhythm, Waste}.png
(Portrait by UltraFenix, Plant Academy, MonkeyBard, Spoon Rhythm, and Waste)
Class:Nomadic Trooper
Description:She wants in on FE6, so now she’s here.


Inventory:Mulgir (if possible, if not then Steel Blade and Short Bow)

Death Quote:Everyone…
Boss Quote:Taste my blade!

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You are correct, I forgot to add their slots but they are implemented now : ) (Although I can’t promise boss quotes for each one lol)

Name: Hollstadt
Class: General
Replacing: Robarts
Affinity: Fire
Description: A low ranking officer of the Adrestian Empire.
Credit to thorn

Boon: Str
Bane: HP

Inventory (Max 4) Hand Axe. Hammer. Halberd. Vulnerary

Death Quote: Glory… to her… majesty…
Boss Quote (If Applicable) Death to all of Emperor Edelgard enemies! This world is better off without you in it!

Name: Sternlin
Class: Paladin
Replacing: Marral
Affinity: Fire
Description: Soldier of the Adrestian Empire. And subordinate of General Camus of the Sable Order of Knights.
Credit to thorn

Boon: Spd
Bane: Def

Inventory (Max 4) Killer Lance. Elixir. Knight Crest

Death Quote: You think you win… you still have to… get through General Camus… to win this battle…
Boss Quote (If Applicable) You cannot hope to win this war against the empire. I am Commander Sternlin of the Sable Order of Knights. Lead by General Camus. We will be the ones to put end to your days of tiereny.


Name: Camus
Class: Paladin
Replacing: Kabul
Affinity: Dark
Description: Imperial general of the Adrestian Empire. Leader of the Sable Order of Knights.
Credit to thorn

Boon: Skl
Bane: Spd

Inventory (Max 4) Maltet

Death Quote: Nyna…
Boss Quote (If Applicable) I’m General Camus of Adrestia, as well as leader of the Sable Order of Knights. I pity you. But i must win this battle for my empire. Prepare yourself!


Name: Macellan
Class: General
Replacing: Thoril
Affinity: N/A
Description: A knight forced to work for the Empire. Loves cooking.

Bases & Growths:
Hp: 35
Str/Mag: 12
Skl: 10
Spd: 10
Luck: 5
Def: 15
Res: 3
Con: 15

Boon: HP
Bane: DEF

Inventory (Max 4):
-Steel Axe

Death Quote: N-no… I wanted… to…

Boss Quote: I won’t let you pass! Do your worst!


Credits: Thorn

Name: Dolph
Class: General
Replacing: Kudoka
Affinity: N/A
Description: A knight working for the Empire. Loves food.

Bases & Growths:
Hp: 38
Str/Mag: 15
Skl: 12
Spd: 11
Luck: 5
Def: 18
Res: 5
Con: 15

Boon: STR
Bane: DEF

Inventory (Max 4)
-Steel Lance

Death Quote: Forgive me… My liege…

Boss Quote: You look tough. Would you be able to pierce my armor?


Credits: Thorn

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And with that, Submissions are CLOSED!
I should have the patch out sometime later today barring unforseen circumstances, so thank y’all for sticking around :grin:


After 11 days of work, the patch is finally here!!
Thank you all for sticking around and giving so many cool characters and edits. I am endlessly appreciative for y’all working with me and being understanding of my lack of experience. I hope everyone has a good time playing through the PME!! :slight_smile:


Hello, thought I’d review some units and bosses along wirh some other stuff too!

Screenshot_20240213-115624_John GBA Lite
The Squad is actually pretty nuts

Glass is oddly good? Like, one of the best starting units with the roster you’re presented with. He has good Hit rates, isn’t frail as paper, and can sorta solo all the axe units in the first chapter without getting hit that often since his dodge rate isn’t bad. Invest in Glass some more and you’ll be having a good sword unit.

Side note, Glass can’t use the Mani Katti.

Really fun character concept, big theif who’s real sneaky. Gameplay wise he’s a bit iffy since that speed with the rest of those stats aren’t that nice, theif usage is good though.

Lea is like a toothpick. Frail, brittle and would most likely break at the slightest bend. Get yourself poked by her and she’ll leave a mark, a considerable mark.

Big, strong man with axe, nothing more to note

Some funky looking pallettes

Seems to be a glitch with Denning coming in since the game just stop right here.

I also realized that Sue hasn’t been changed, and how she doesn’t have a replacement…

Name: Samantha
Portrait by Melia

Class: Cavalier
Replacing: Sue
Affinity: Fire
Description: A wonderous, kind knight who can’t help but lend a hand here and there.

Bases & Growths:
Hp: 24/ 55%
Str/Mag: 12/ 56%
Skl: 14/ 55%
Spd: 15/ 60%
Luck: 7/ 45%
Def: 5/ 35%
Res: 9/ 45%
Con: 13

Boon/Bane: Boon Spd, Bane Luck

Inventory (Max 4)
Iron Sword
Killing Edge

Death Quote: I’m sorry… I should’ve tried… harder…

Really fun time so far, hope to get past Denning showing up. Thank you for making this!


@Taylor Thank you for your review, glad you’re enjoying the PME so far! :slight_smile:

I’m looking over the game rn; I’m not sure what is causing the Denning bug (maybe has something to do with not being a Thief? I gave him the Thief Skills flag so he can Lockpick/Fog Vision so not sure what’s up with that). Do you know if it’s possible to complete Chapter 6 before he shows up to test if it’ll work?
(I’m considering disabling his Thief AI to see if that will fix the issue cause that’s the only thing I can think of for why it’s like that).

That’s interesting about the Mani Katti; can anyone else use it? I didn’t set it as a PRF so not sure why D-Rank Swords Glass can’t use it.

On some better news, I’ve implemented Samantha, so she should be good to go once I figure out what’s up with the bugs and can upload a new patch :grin:

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I checked and other sword user can’t use the mani katti either.

Completing chapter 6 under 6 turns is pretty hard, but doable. Just make your way through the left and middle paths of the map and use your dancer to get the lord and theif near Sue’s room. After that, make a mad dash towards the throne and make sure the lord is in moving distance. Use everything you can to kill the mage and you’re done

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Looking at the rom, the Mani Katti thing’s probably just because the ‘Equippable’ ability isn’t set.


Thank y’all for input! I’ve tried my best to do some corrections:

V1.1 Notes

  • New Character: Samantha! (Replaces Sue cause forgor to add her first time)
  • Mani Katti should now be equippable (also I forgot to flag the Falchion as well so that’s fixed, credit to VelvetKitsune for helping me catch both errors)
  • Chapter 6 initial enemies aside from the boss have recieved a 3-4 level nerf to accomodate the potential need for a quicker route.
  • Denning AI across all maps has been changed to generic enemy AI (Unsure if this will fix the freeze but just in case)

New patch:


Now how about some unit reviews please?