A new project maker appears

Hey everyone, my name is LeaguePainter27!
I’m currently working on a Demake of Three Houses for the Black Eagles Route and my job is to make Crimson Flower a better experience than in the game itself because let’s be frank it really wasn’t well made at all and very rushed story wise. I hope to achieve this goal, and to make a good enough project for everyone to play once it’s done.

See you around.


Good luck, man!


Welcome to the forum! What exactly is a demake if you don’t mind me asking? Regardless I commend you for being willing to work on editing a switch game, as I don’t think I’ve seen any edits for anything other than the gba titles around here. That being said good luck with your project, I hope your ambition takes you far!


A demake takes a game made for a newer / more advanced system and remakes it for an older / more primitive system.

Eg. Switch → gba


Ah, thanks for the explanation Vesly.

Yeah, Vesly explained it the best way what a demake is supposed to be.
It will take some time ofc since I’m gonna redo the entire Crimson Flower path that is taking place after the timeskip, since from self experience of playing it I saw how unfinished it felt. It’s way to rushed tbh like things go way to quickly + off-screen supposed battle with the remaining Slithers (Which only you can call really official if you S+ Jeritza)

I’m doing some changes to it, and I’m using the Western Church for more antagonistic points towards Edelgard since i felt that they got disposed very quickly. Same goes for people like Solon and Kronya they be used more and not just for like 2 chapters. Oh yeah and no father dying stuff because ugh that’s so lame in Fire Emblem.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome fellow members!


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