A money based FE Romhack

I’m doing something dawnbrigade
but i don’t know if it’s made already just a bird
I’m starting a RH where you go into a map where new units arrive and if you have money to recruit them, they will join you. A game filled with Arrans and Samsons and, obviously, Beowulfs.
That’s a thing already? because i found it quite basic IMO


fire emblem team chaotix edition??

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Sounds kinda like Berwick, where the majority of units are mercenaries who you have to pay to recruit every chapter. Cool concept, me like :+1:

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Thankfully, Stan already made the tech to enable this.


Anna Emblem/

Farina Emblem

Great, i didn’t see that routine, it can be of use if i have problems doing the first thing i was thinking.

Beowulf Emblem*