A little help to a new user?

Hey everyone! As the title says, I’m a new user here, and there’s a few things that I’m seeing quite often that I don’t really understand, so I guess I’ll post this to ask.

I only have two questions:
-What is necroposting?
-And, how does trust level work?

I know very few people will read this, but thanks in advance.

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Posting on threads that have died. For example, if the last response is from over a year ago (and it isn’t your own creative or project thread), then posting on it would be at least frowned upon. Perhaps someone else can help you with the actual specifics of this rule, because I’m not actually sure, haha. :thinking:

Vaguely speaking, if you’re active on these forums and haven’t tried to sabotage anything, then the system slowly gives you a few more basic permissions. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It can be nice to see the little badges you earn over time, though.

Welcome to FEU. Sorry for the somewhat vague answers. :sweat_smile:

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Oh, so necroposting is bad then. Got it.
Anyway, thanks for the response. Now I understand

Clarification on necroposting: posting in threads that are very old isn’t inherently bad. But the most cases of it you’ll see are people asking “is this project finished/still alive/etc” when the answer is usually very obviously “no”, so that’s why it’s come to be frowned upon.

If you have a good reason to post in an old thread, it’s perfectly fine, although this is more likely to be for technical stuff (for example, if someone discovered a new setting for the FE8 AI, it would be better for them to post in the FE8 AI documentation thread rather than make a new thread). If it’s a community/discussion sort of thing (e.g. “what is your ideal Fire Emblem lord”), you would be better off making a new thread, since it’s better to start a new discussion than bring back one from years ago that nobody remembers.


question dead??

is probably not a good post. idk, just add something to the convo and you’re chill.