A Goofier Fire Emblem?

So I want to actually get into doing some Fire Emblem hacking/making as well, but I’m a bit worried about it actually. Do people actually like the concept of a sillier, goofy hack? Or do people like hacks that take themselves seriously? Like using portraits in this style:

just to make the point that it’s sillier? Or do you guys actually prefer ones that actually can be taken seriously?

I mean, I’ve been fooling around with the idea of making a Fire Emblem Awakening style parody hack with the adventures of Mozill, Vis, his sister, and Francis his retainer but I’m not sure if it’ll be well received with skill ideas like:

“Rightful Bling” - Assures that the user will always switch to weapons that ensure weapon advantage.

If that’s no good, could someone help me to come up with a concept then? I can generally write when I have some concept to toy with, but I’m not terribly gifted with coming up with concepts.

Please and thank you!

I like sillier hacks, the problem is that they usually just use memes and they just end up being dated.


This is true I suppose, but I really don’t know many memes tbh.

I suppose it depends on what kind of audience you want to play it. The hack I am working on right now was basically just to kill time, and since I am just a novice hacker, it lacks the quality an official product might have, but it has some comedic value to make up for it(kinda). There are tons of different people out there with different… goals and aspirations when it comes to hacking or playing hacks. Some might play it for fun, for the story, for the comedy, it really just depends on the person. Just do what you want, because this is your hack, and your way of… showing people what you are capable of when hacking. Just have some fun with it.

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You’ve got me then. Then tonight I shall begin making up characters and the concept then. Maybe I’ll go back to my old idea. Parodies might come off as too mean spirited.

Thanks guys. I’ll start from the basics then because all I know how to do is manipulate Nintenlord’s wonderful Nightmare editor. Burt I have one last question though,

would my portrait work or would it cause actual problems?

As long as it has less than 16 colours overall, then you should be fine. The background counts as one colour, giving you 15 for the actual face itself.


I did post this yesterday, they’re all fairly rough but I think they could turn into something

On the topic of whether or not silly hacks are cool or not, it just depends on how it’s executed.

Is very accurate to what they are. I think to make a comedic hack, it requires a lot more work than most people would expect and are willing to work towards due to it’s silly nature. I personally haven’t seen any silly hacks that have interested me, but who knows, you could be the person to make a good one.

Hmm… I might use some of the ideas for the first one for mine… I’m currently brewing over some old scraps too to combine it. Unfortunately, I threw most of them away, so this’ll be better to start with someone else’s idea at base (might just steal the kingdom name).

You’re welcome to anything I posted in that thread, and since I have some of the files still, I can provide more if you need anything additional.

If you don’t mind, could you send at least the first 1 in a zip file or something? I’d like to investigate them further if you don’t mind.

Perhaps all 3 if you have time.

I remember Queen’s Lament being pretty funny without references (aside from the Metal Gear reference in the prologue.)