A Few Questions[Solved Enough?]

Hey guys. How do you go about in a GBA FE ROM:

  • Replacing all battle backgrounds and all conversation backgrounds with my own (Quite a few), and eliminating the “stands” where the GBA battle sprites fight on

  • Inserting custom battle titles, character screen titles, titles of any kind and species, everywhere. Text title replacements.

  • Music insertion, replacement.

Hope you guys can help me with these. Its an FE7 ROM.

have you even looked at the ultimate tutorial

That makes it look complicated. :frowning:

Try this tutorial for music insertion, since the Ultimate Tutorial’s take on it is outdated iırc (unless the Ultimate Tutorial got updated, which I highly doubt). Honestly, the hardest part nowadays is getting Sappy to work.

I have no clue on battle backgrounds and battle animation stages because I’ve never bothered to replace those before, but I would assume that battle backgrounds work the same way as any other background in GBA Graphics Editor.

Ayy, yes. The “ever confusingly worded” Ultimate Tutorial. Admittiedly I’ve started referring to other tutorials for certain subjects, though I still refer to it from time to time. You should at least look over it thoroughly and follow it word for word. For backgrounds, the tutorial’s segment on it is worded clearly enough so that confusion would be unlikely. I think platforms can be simply replaced with transparent images for it to look “non-existent”.

Actually, follow any tutorial word for word and it should be obvious as to what has to be done.

I have no idea of what you mean by “Text titles”. Can you elaborate more as to what specifically?

Hey, thanks Alusq! :smile:
So I guess I would have to find the background I want to replace and then repoint it, right?

Thanks for the info Kiseki! :smile:
I will try to read that tutorial word for word. Wish me luck!
I think for the titles, I mean like when the game shows the name of the chapter, with the cool background music playing. And the titles around the game. I think the fonts, and colours of all the words in the game.
How can I replace those? I think GBAGE?

The chapter titles can be replaced with FEditor’s text editor.

I know the font is stored somewhere, but I have no idea of how to mess with it.

I actually have to say, having recently read through it, the UT is really old, outdated, and poorly written. I actually feel bad linking people to it.