A discussion on Fodlan

I wanted to start a thread to discuss Three Houses’ worldbuilding. Part 1 seems like less of a ‘game’ by traditional standards and feels something more akin to an anime, with beautifully animated cutscenes in most of the early chapters to boot. The opening CGs for every month being painted to reflect the Fodlan traditions you’re being told really gives you an idea of just how exactly Fodlan works, and the cutscenes in the chapters help to make intense moments seem even more important.

That’s to say nothing of the story and how it manages to completely turn the old formula on its head and make something completely new and brilliant with it. Subtle things such as how Jeralt and Byleth grow closer in Part 1 as Byleth goes from an obedient soldier to a smart-mouthed and empathetic teacher make the narrative so much better. Not to mention that “The Flame Emperor” and Death Knight make for perfect recurring villains that compliment the general vibe.

I honestly think if Fire Emblem ever got another shot at an anime, Fodlan would be the best game to focus on. What do y’all think?


I think Fodlan is a wonderfully build setting. What I’m most impressed with is its extensive and coherent history. There are many recurrently mentioned historic events – from the ancient Red Canyon/Gonder Field to the more modern war with Dagda, invasions from Almyra, and of course, the Duscur Tragedy. I love how all of these separate historical events tie together, and influence each other (through how they influenced the nations within them), and it’s reflected (very) well in attitudes towards characters based on their (or their country’s) role – especially in the case of the more recent events.

Like, this is completely different from Arcanea (which we kinda just take its being as just… existant), Magvel which is just like “oh no demon lord, also loner nation”, Fate’s unnamed continent…
Tellius probably rivals it in complexity, but they have questionable chronology in some points. Even if we take Tellius to be a bit better, being comparable to the best in the series is always welcome.