A Discord Server About Sharing Hacks!

Hello, I’ve made a small discord server about sharing ideas generally and sharing hacks. Edit: You are also able to ask about hacking tips and general questions, but people are more likely to ask in feu. From what I’ve seen, the forum isn’t very good for showing people hacks (unless your really known ._.) So, i made this server. It is built very closely to FEU discord, so people aren’t to confused about it. To get it, read the #rules there. (also is this not allowed on the forums?) It’s very new, so if you think others should join, please share!

Discord: https://discord.gg/exhRhXE

Screenshots (because people want them?)


Early Image of people online


hi because i wanted to, wanted to share how well the servers going. Surprising well, pretty chill and from what I’ve seen, no fights of such. Pretty nice people too! Also hack helping channels and those have goon good too. im not flexing plz no murder me


I promise little.

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