6 Years Later My Passion FE Project is Finally Done. Thank You


Some of you from the Fire Emblem community have helped me out over the years and I wanted to say, thank you.

Fire Emblem has been one of my favorite game series starting when I first played FE7 on GBA back in the day. I really enjoy the simplicity of its strategy without the extra fluff. To this day FE is one of the only games I am guaranteed to play when a new entry comes out.
I also had a ton of fun back in the day on FEPlanet doing sprites and RPing. Me and my friends spent a lot of time doing things around FE (was literally reminiscing about this the other day with someone).

I had been working on my project for the past 6 years and I can say it feels great to accomplish the goals I had set. I’m also very grateful to those on my team and all they did as well. For those out there working on a project, all I can say is keep at it. So many people out there “say” they want to create something, but 99% don’t finish. Be someone that finishes. Set a realistic scope (very important), and do it, just do it. You’ll thank yourself later and gain self confidence in your ability to set goals and accomplish them.

Cheers to all that’s great about Fire Emblem.

For those asking it’s on steam as Nilspace


Where is it

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….Cool…. Can we see it?

It’s called Nilspace, and yes it’s on steam.

Ay, cool! Looks really good.

Congratulations! It really looks amazing! I’ll more than probably that play it in this holidays, if Lost Eidolons let’s me.

Yoo. Great job, for those wondering I heard Scraiza also worked on this game!


The visual style is really cool! Makes it have a satisfying look despite the relatively “low fidelity” graphics. The terrain gimmicks look super interesting too. I wish there were attack animations but I understand that it would be a huge pain, since it seems like every player unit has a unique sprite. The story seems interesting too. Definitely picking this up once I ram through more of my backlog.

This looks amazing! Right up my alley, quick question though. Is it playable on Mac at all?

Not at the moment, sorry. The focus was on just Windows for launch, but we’ll hopefully be able to expand that afterward.