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Hey, I just discovered this website and I’ve browsed a bit, love it.

I was wondering if someone could help me with sacred stones.
Making a unit and importing it into the game WITHOUT having to override main characters.
Basically, can some one help me just add 4 new people. cause I’m watching this gut on YouTube and he is confusing himself and me…send help

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If you open up the rom in FEBuilder you should be able to see a bunch of unused character IDs you can replace. Everything between 0x2D and 0x3A should be fine to replace as far as I know.

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This doesn’t answer your question, but it might help you understand febuilder better.

Ok, so…I might be a little slow… cause i have been at this for like 2hrs and I still cant seem to find what you are referring too.
Could you step by step it for me?
Sorry if Im being too much I really just don’t understand how to add a new unit without re naming a existing unit…

I can’t go into much detail rn since I’m not on my laptop but I would recommend heading over to FEU’s Discord server to get real time help.

Ok thank you, you have been such a big help. I am currently re watching the video and since I’m not tired I’m learning a bit more. thanks again.

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To add onto Zmr’s comment, in the character editor you can go to any unit ID and edit them there. 2D through 3A are slots you can use in addition to 01-2C for support conversation usability and some other quirks that might come with adding characters beyond slot 3A to your party (such as them possibly not sticking around if you don’t know what you’re doing).

Let’s say you want to use slot 2D since the original game uses it for a generic enemy. The Name is set to “Enemy” and the Details and Portrait are blank by pointing to the 0 address. If you click on the Name button it’ll bring up the text editor, here you want to leave the “Enemy” text as it is because all the units with the name will change if you edit it. Select an address slot that is blank, such as 1001 (make sure the text area doesn’t say it’s reserved, it may cause issues with patches), and put your character name there and write to rom. Go back to the character editor window and change the name address from 267 to 1001 and the character name will be there. The Details address works the same way.

Portraits basically work the same way, but it will bring up the portrait editor rather than the text editor. Find a blank address and import a portrait.

If you need more room or there aren’t any blank addresses you can hit the data expansion button and create more.