(13+) Cycle of the Heavens (SRPG Studio, MARTH Preview)

Hello again, gang. I am proud to debut a new SRPG Studio project I’m working on in collaboration with fellow community member Adarya.

As of late, Klokinator’s KlokGen AI has grown increasingly popular within the SRPGS community for quickly and freely generating halfbody portraits to use in games. Adarya, for her part, had whipped up some particularly impressive-looking portraits one day and expressed interest in making a game around them.


The MARTH contest happened to have been announced a few days beforehand, and since none of the ideas I had for a submission were coming together, I decided I’d instead put my expertise to use helping her bring her own ideas to life. In time, the ambitions for the project grew to the point where it is now planned to be a full-length experience.

For the purposes of the MARTH contest, we present to you a brief, more encapsulated side story related to what will be the main game. Although the above characters are not playable in this preview build, they are planned to be the central characters of the main game.

Primary features planned for the game and mostly implemented:

  • A halfbody portrait system using AI-generated portraits in a style reminiscent of Radiant Dawn’s
  • An emotionally engaging story, featuring a parent as the main protagonist! It is planned to touch on themes of loss, resource conflict, technological advancement, and most importantly, the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her children.
  • Single RNG (this is what SRPG Studio’s engine uses)
  • The Weapon Triangle (Swords, Lances, Axes), which grants Accuracy ±15
  • The Trinity of Magic (Light, Anima, Dark) and (Fire, Thunder, Wind), which grants Attack ±3 and Accuracy ±15
  • Iron, Steel, and Silver Longbows
  • Knives, which are functionally a mix of their Radiant Dawn and Fates incarnations
  • AS = Spd - Wt (you need 5 more AS than your opponent for follow-up attacks)
  • A Fates-like Skill system in which each character has a unique personal Skill and can learn more dependent on his/her class
  • Voice acting, sparingly used for chapter narrations and unit selection

Dropbox link (MARTH Preview)

Known Issues:

  • Weapon Rank increase messages may display at the wrong time if battles are skipped.
  • When reloading save files in battle, highlighted enemy ranges do not reset immediately; clicking on an enemy again will reset the highlights.
Screenshots (MARTH Preview):

Screenshots (more to come)