[GUIDE/DOC][ASM] "Procs" (or 6Cs, coroutines, threads, fibers, funky structs, whatever) (8)

Procs (aka 6Cs, coroutines, threads, fibers, funky structs and all of that) 6Cs? more like "sexies" I am right? I agree, 6Cs are the best. So are coroutines & threads & funky structs & fibers. In fact, in the context …

The FEUniversity Initiative: Tutorial/Doc Request Thread (13)

Greetings comrades, In an effort to improve the forum's directory of information, @CT075 and I are starting a new initiative: FEUniversity. As the community has grown and discord became the prominent method of comm…

[DOC][ASM] "Conventions" (5)

ASM Hacking: "Conventions" This is for people that have basic understanding of ARM/thumb ASM and its concepts, but want to know more about how to integrate it with the game's code/other people's code. This is also for…

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